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  • Star Charts
    Use our star charts to find your way around the night sky.

    Structured around the popular planisphere format you can enter your time and lattitude and get a star and planet map straight away.
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  • Constellation Guides
    Take a tour of any of the constellations.

    Our constellation guides will take you around each of the main astronomical points of interest for any of the 88 constellations.
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  • Astronomical Calendar
    Our astronomical calendar will tell you what you can see tonight and for every night going forward.

    It covers the moon the meteors and the position of all the planets.
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  • UK Astronomy Shops & Sites
    Need some more equipment?

    Our astronomy shops and sites database will show you all the shops we have listed close to your home.
  • astronomy shops uk,astronomy societies uk
  • UK Astronomy Societies
    Want to join a local astronomy society and star gaze in company?

    Search our astronomy society database and find all the UK societies in your local area.
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    Should Obama have cancelled the new moon program?